Palm Berries Large Hoops Earrings, Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Palm Berries large hoop earrings. approximately 35mm in diameter The Palm Berries hoop earrings are actually a replica of the dried stem from a cluster of berries found on palm trees throughout Florida. New buds are just beginning to form and will someday become palm fruit, after drying the entire cluster from its green stage, a mold is made to capture the exact imprint if this beautiful plant. The mold is then injected with wax which will be shaped into these earrings. It is the cast in silver, forever preserving the palm berries buds. We often overlook the small details and only see the entire tree. These earrings capture a specific time in the life of a magnificent plant. Each time you wear these earrings let them remind you of a gentle sway of a palm tree with its full clusters of palm berries rustling on a sunny tropical day.

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