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About the Designers

Laura J Dickson, Jewelry Designer
Laura Jackowski-Dickson

The Back Story

Innovative jewelry designers are expert at infusing hints of their personal experience into all they create. It is nowhere more evident than with the inspired items turned out by jewelry designer Laura Jackowski-Dickson. Her youth spent in some of the worlds' most enviable and exotic locales is the stuff that formed her distinct sensibilities for beauty.

Laura's childhood exposure to the world's many wonders and cultures laid the foundation for her inimitable style. From the Caribbean and South America in her formative years to the shores of North Africa, these early chapters were rich with memories of games played in the Greek and Roman ruins of Leptis Magna, and Cyrene, and nights in the Sahara listening to paleontologists, geologists, and archeologists recount their adventures.


This backdrop allowed a young Laura to spend hours scouring ancient coins and artifacts along the Mediterranean's shoreline. In Europe's historic centers, she soaked up their great museums, cafes and castles. Later, in Australia, she was exposed to remote opal mines of the outback and on to Tahiti where her passion ignited for alluring South Pacific pearls. Time in Tehran and its majestic mountains opened up her world to turquoise and colorful precious stones. But studying art in college fused her taste for color, texture, and cultures that have come to symbolize her unique style for over 30 years.

Expression Unleashed

Whether expressed through interior design, fashion, costume, textile, adornment and now fine jewels, she has yet to exhaust her full inspired creativity. After studying jewelry design in New York, Laura received her Graduate Gemologist degree from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 2009. Superb quality gemstones, pearls, and rare metals formed Laura's premiere fine jewelry piece, a cuff bracelet named Torn Between which received a 2011 AGTA Spectrum Award. Ever inspired for fine jewelry design, Laura is poised to launch Torn Between as a sumptuous fine jewelry collection. Watch for Laura Jackowski-Dickson and LJD Designs in upcoming trade shows, competitions and publications.

The Next Generation

Blake C. Dickson

Blake C. Dickson
Blake C. Dickson

An Eye on Nature

Product developer and designer, Blake C. Dickson's love for nature is a force majeure that drives every avenue of his creative mind. Blake's passion for the beautiful forms found in the ocean takes flight in LJD Designs organic creations. Its chic and unstructured lines are the ideal platform for Blake's finely honed sensibilities of the elegance that abounds in natural shapes.

Love of the Ocean Finds Its Voice

A 2007 Fine Arts Degree graduate from University of California Berkeley, he was active in collegiate competitive swimming. Following that, Blake ventured to Hawaii where he became a lifeguard. There he embraced the daunting sport of big wave surfing and diving.

Blake surfing in Hawaii
Blake C. Dickson, Renaissance Surfer & Jewelry Designer

From the Depths

Drawn to all things oceanic, Blake dives for abalone and lives life as a true adventurer. It's no wonder then, that precious pearls have a prominent place in LJD collections. These treasures are hidden in the watery depths below the earth, waiting to be brought to life when a diver finds them.

The Creative Mind

Currently Blake's also in development with a surf line product, Renaissance Surfer™.