LJD Jewelry Designs

  • Fine quality 18k gold jewelry

Rare Elements Inspire Original Collector Quality Fine Jewelry

Laura Jackowski-Dickson and LJD Jewelry Designs Fine Jewelry

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Take a quick peek at our LJD Lookbook or download and print it for reference. It's a convenient way to have a quick overview of Laura's fabulous collections.


LJD jewelry designs is a line of artistic, organic jewels inspired by the Rare Elements in Nature, the Sea and its creatures, the Celestial Sky and the Human Spirit, designed for a sophisticated woman who seeks individuality, for whom style is not fashion, but an adventure. Creator and designer Laura Jackowski-Dickson is an artist and costume designer who has applied her extraordinary creativity, international multicultural upbringing, love of nature and design skills to the art of jewelry making, closely overseeing every step of the production of this collection, jewelry pieces fabricated in North America.

Award Winning Jewelry Designs from Precious Metals & Gemstones in a Couture Line

LJD Designs offer the Rare Elements in original collector quality fine jewelry in precious metals and select gemstones befitting a couture line. LJD jewelry collectors understand quality and style, and applaud the expert craftsmanship that makes these pieces so treasured today.... and cherished forever.